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Neuropsychological Assessment

What is a neuropsychological assessment?
A neuropsychological assessment evaluates cognitive and behavioral functioning including intelligence, attention/concentration, processing speed, memory and learning, executive functioning (problem solving, reasoning, planning, etc.) language, visual spatial abilities, sensory and motor abilities, and emotions/behaviors/personality.

How can a neuropsychological assessment help me?
The assessment can determine the presence, nature and severity of cognitive deficits. It can provide a baseline for functioning and monitor changes. We can also aid with differential diagnoses including the impact of psychological factors. Lastly, a neuropsychological assessment summarizes your strengths and challenges while providing various treatment recommendations.

What are some reasons to get a neuropsychological assessment?
Testing can be helpful for a variety of neurological problems. Some examples include: concussion, moderate to severe brain injury, learning disability, ADHD, dementia, mild cognitive impairment, stroke, seizures, brain tumors, endocrine dysfunction, movement disorders, mood disorders, etc.

Examples of referral questions:
Can I return to work following my brain injury?
Am I capable of managing finances, medical decisions, or driving?
Are my cognitive changes due to normal aging or dementia?
Do I have Alzheimer’s disease or a different form of dementia?
How has my concussion impacted my cognitive abilities?
What kind of academic or vocational accommodations would help me post-injury?
How does my PTSD/mood disorder affect my cognition?

What to expect:
An evaluation includes a 60 minute intake interview and 3-5 hours of testing with a break for lunch. Depending on the individual and presenting problems, testing may take longer or shorter than this estimate.

Tips for the assessment day:
– Complete and submit forms prior to your appointment
– Get a good night’s rest
– Eat breakfast and bring a lunch/snacks
– Take your regularly prescribed medications
– Bring your reading glasses and/or hearing aids
– Bring relevant medical information and prior neuropsychological assessment records
– You are welcome to bring a loved one who knows you well to the initial 60 minute intake interview to provide information about your functioning

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