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Dr. Alison Tverdov

Dr. Alison Tverdov

222 Easton Avenue, 2nd Floor Suite D

New Brunswick, NJ 08901



Neuropsychological Assessment

Neuropsychological assessments measure cognitive and behavioral functioning in the context of various neurological conditions.


Telehealth Services during COVID-19

We are now offering virtual appointments for both neuro psychological evaluations and counseling

For new and existing patients,


Psychotherapy for Depression and Anxiety

We have an individualized approach at treating mental health concerns. While cognitive-behavioral therapy is the primary method

Welcome to NJ Psychological Services

NJ Psychological Services, founded by Dr. Alison Tverdov, provides both assessment and psychotherapy to adults with a variety of presenting concerns. We are committed to addressing each person's goals, needs and preferences in treatment. We use a collaborative approach to develop a treatment plan and monitor progress towards your goals. Psychotherapy is an active process that requires work both in and out of session. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the most frequently used method of treatment, but we also utilize various other methods such as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Solution Focused Therapy. We also provide Cognitive Processing Therapy for post traumatic stress disorder.

The practice is located in the heart of Rutgers University College Avenue campus, which makes it easily accessible to the college community. We provide services to students who may be struggling with adjustment, or various other issues. Our staff also offer specialties in neuropsychology and rehabilitation psychology. This includes assessment and psychotherapy for individuals who have acquired a neurological injury or disease. Treatment can focus on adjustment to injury/disease and management of cognitive, emotional and behavioral changes. We can also provide services to caregivers or family members with caregiver burnout.

Our assessment services include comprehensive evaluations and reports. Neuropsychological assessments measure cognitive and behavioral functioning in the context of various neurological conditions. Assessments can describe current functioning, compare to past performance, and provide recommendations for how to manage/treat areas of challenge. We can also comment on one's ability to return to work after an injury or make important decisions, and what accommodations are needed post injury.

We also provide cognitive rehabilitation and speech-language pathology services. Cognitive rehabilitation treatment focuses on improving cognitive weaknesses and creating strategies to manage areas of challenge. Speech-language services include speech evaluations and treatment of language deficits (e.g., apraxia, dysarthria, aphasia, receptive/expressive language disorders, pragmatics, etc).


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